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Mad for it!

BAGGI were cordially invited by the good folks over at MAD//Fest to last week's 2024 festival. Cheers guys, it was a great day out of the studio!

First off, the Truman Brewery in East London is an excellent space for hosting events, as we’ve found out over the past couple of years for the Retail Trust’s 'Together Fest'. It’s spot on for an edgy creative marketing event that has certainly grown in stature over recent years.

This year’s theme was ‘Fortune Favours the Bold’, befitting of the day-glo branding and summer festival vibe (although the weather was predictably awful!) with a variety of stages, bars and social areas - in fact it probably could have done with some bands performing, or creative arts spaces to enhance the experience (unless we missed those!)

As with most festivals these days, you can plan you itinerary on the app - that’s if you’re interested in the talks - I guess many simply go to catch up and socialise. But it’s worth doing your research, as on the whole the talks were excellent.

Overall its packed full of creative and marketing inspiration - highlights this year featured an absolutely fascinating presentation from Benjam Golik, Creative Director at Uncommon, on political advertising from the past hundred years or so. Golik made the news recently over his poster/meme about Rishi Sunak’s error of judgement in leaving the D-Day commemorations early. He argued that the fundamentals of political advertising remain consistent - hitting a raw, emotive issue through combative imagery and copy. Something all the parties this time around seem to have ignored.

Next up was Gary Raucher and Asics' brilliant strategy for challenging the codes of the sports sector. In a world dominated by 2-3 huge brands focussed on numbers and winning, Asics name story and purpose really drive its approach to marketing and campaigns - reflecting the ability of sport and exercise to benefit the mind, as well as the body. Super work by all the team at Asics.

As ever, Nils Leonard's was hugely entertaining and his passion is infectious - we could all learn a thing or two about his cheat codes for creativity and running an agency.

Finally Daniel Murphy’s hilarious and hugely successful marketing approach for Liquid Death demonstrates how its possible to completely disrupt a market, even one as commoditised as water, through being brave and bold, and seeking inspiration from outside the established codes of the sector.

Also great to catch up with a few people, including our pals from Jam. For those of you who went, I hope you found it as inspirational as we did!

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