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 Baggi is a brand and design consultancy that creates brands with soul. Brands alive with possibility, inspiration and human spirit.

I've been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands and people, prior to creating Baggi. What makes the best so special is their absolute clarity in why they do things and what they stand for.


Their brands stay relevant by telling compelling stories with intuitive brand identities. By being brave and cutting out complexity.

Sounds simple? Let's help your brand's soul to thrive.



The past year has helped many of us realise that the old ways are not necessarily the right ways. Its made us reimagine our approach to life and work. One that's more human. 

I believe trust, integrity and confidence are the essential ingredients to creating the right conditions for great work. 

Combine them with talent, a sense of humour, one or two interesting hobbies & side projects that make you, you and anything is possible.

Together, we can create brands with soul that make customers and communities feel alive with hope and inspiration.

Cheers! Mark (aka Baggi)

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