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Ever tried plant-based cheese? Then you’ll know there’s a problem.

The last decade has seen a huge rise in delicious-tasting milk and meat alternatives, leaving one big, wedge-shaped gap in the cheese market.


Honestly Tasty was started in 2018 to fill that gap – and not just fill it, but to blaze a trail and prove mouth-watering plant-based cheese is possible. To make a tasty cheese that changes behaviours about the way the world thinks about what we eat.



Honestly Tasty Founder Mike Moore said: “I think the only way to change people’s attitudes and help the environment is by creating great products because I don’t think the majority of people are going to change behaviour without having the impetus of something which is just as good and accessible.” 



BAGGI were asked by Honestly Tasty to create a new brand strategy, identity and packaging to achieve that vision. Founder Mark Baxter said: “We were inspired by the unique process and attention to detail that goes into crafting each cheese. From the very start we wanted to design a brand that finds the right balance between being an artisan, premium cheese combined with the playful personality of the company and its customers. One that feels like a young, good quality, plant-based cheese brand.”. 

Fundamental to this belief is creating a brand not seen as an alternative but packed with a wedge full of flavour. The brand identity heroes the wedge in the logo and packaging and it is also used as a playful graphic device in digital and elsewhere. 

The packaging reflects the artisanal quality of the cheese and features dairy cues some customers may feel more familiar with, like the strength numbers to denote flavour. While the brand world combines a vibrant colour palette, playful tone of voice and mouth-watering imagery to create 100% plant-based deliciousness that really packs a punch.



Owner and co-founder of Honestly Tasty, Beth Moore, said: “Eating a plant-based diet doesn’t have to mean compromising on taste, or enjoyment. It doesn’t have to mean eating boring, bland food. And it doesn’t have to mean giving up cheese. We’ve proved that.”


The past year would appear to back that up. Stocked in Planet Organic, Selfridges and 70 other independent stores, Honestly Tasty has won numerous awards, including the Plant-Based Expo Cheese Alternative category. And since the rebrand, it is now successfully listed in Holland & Barrett, Ocado and Marks & Spencer. The brand redesign by BAGGI has also bagged a few awards - a Drum Roses Silver, 

“We look at our products on the shelves now, at the likes of Selfridges, Ocado and M&S, and we’re confident that they look the part. Imposter syndrome is gone now that the cheese looks as good as it tastes! Thanks to the rebrand, we feel like our products deserve their spot in the cheese aisle, with subtle dairy cues like the strength and nod to provenance

on the front of the pack, we think that consumers are more likely to give us a go.”  

Mike Moore, Founder, Honestly Tasty.

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