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#BaggiBites Stage 19: Open Up Your Door

We kick off this week with a moving piece of #storytelling moulded around the wonderful songwriting of Richard Hawley 🎸. If you see one musical this year, make it Standing At The Sky’s Edge

Having recently lost my Mum, Octopus Legacy’s #brandstrategy and positioning really breathes new life into a sector where the experience provided by most companies makes things even harder 🖤. The thinking around legacy and the positioning of ‘what will you leave behind’ is genuinely insightful:

I absolutely love this new #brandidentity by Koto for the Italian food marketplace Gustini, which embraces La Dolce Vita. It makes me long for sunny days in the Tuscan hillsides or on the Amalfi Coast 🇮🇹. More here...

This week’s #legend slot is without doubt the oldest so far. On Shrove Tuesday earlier this week, when we were all tossing pancakes (and some of us vowing to give up stuff for lent 😬 ) The Atherstone Ball Game took place - now in its 824th year! I love this crazy island we live on! Bog Snorkelling next year anyone? Click here.

Lyric of the week: Richard Hawley - Open Up Your Door

“Open up your door, 

I can’t see your face no more

Love is so hard to find

And even harder to define.”

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