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Without doubt this still holds true today, more than ever due to the current pandemic. In fact it guides everything the Retail Trust does and why it does it. We defined the charity with a clear and reinvigorated cause:

To create hope, health and happiness for everyone in retail.





The Retail Trust is a charity that plays a vital role in championing the health and wellbeing of people working in retail, providing valuable support in mental health and wellbeing, learning and development, financial aid and supported-living.


BAGGI has created a new brand strategy and identity for the Retail Trust, in a bid to broaden the Trust’s appeal and capture the unique, meritocratic spirit of retail.




The Retail Trust has a quite remarkable story with a strong cause at its heart. Founded in 1832 at The London Coffee House, The Times newspaper reported how Chairman, Thomas Helps, described the purpose of the charity: “To promote the happiness and interests of those engaged in the trade, whose industry, integrity and character were too insufficient to rescue them from suffering and want.”.

The Retail Trust’s story is full of pioneers that have embraced the cause since the very beginning, from James Marshall, to W.H. Eborn and Sir Hugh Fraser. The Trust is also extremely proud to have Her Majesty The Queen as its Royal Patron since 1948.

With such a rich history, it was essential we recognised the best from the past and make it relevant now, and in the future. This acknowledges the remarkable work the Trust and its supporters do to provide colleagues in retail with the foundation to flourish in work and life. This became the guiding light when creating the brand identity.



 Taking inspiration from the donation books found in the archive and the original charity monogram from 1832, we designed a new Retail Trust word mark and monogram with the help of typography expert, Dan Forster. Carefully crafting the ‘T’ and ‘Trust’ to provide the strong foundation, and making the ‘R’ and ‘Retail’ flourish. Recognising proud origins but looking forward positively from ‘1832 onwards’. 


Retail Trust stamp

The rebrand makes a conscious effort to create a colour palette that is bold, optimistic and brings joy. Particularly as the world deals with the ramifications of the pandemic and looks towards a brighter future. The palette features a new lead colour, ‘Blue Skies’ inspired by the forget-me-not flowers once worn by its members.


Retail Trust colour palette

Through photography we’ve worked with retail partners to capture real stories that showcase the personality and diversity of people within the retail community. 


And we’ve worked with up-and-coming illustrator Emma Tobey to create illustrations that are inspiring, full of charm, wit and positivity, brought to life through animation.

All of which provides a fresh, modern and flexible toolkit that works well across the huge variety of activities the Trust is involved in, from fundraising to wellbeing, supported living, learning and development. 


Chris Brook-Carter, Chief Executive of the Retail Trust, said: “The rising demand for our financial aid and counselling services over the last year has really shown the vital role the Retail Trust still has to play in protecting the lives of people working in retail, and how crucial it now is to create hope, health and happiness for the sector.”


“We want to reach many more people by providing them with the foundation to flourish and this means building on the Trust’s history of supporting retail workers and the industry since 1832 to ensure our visual identity and values stay relevant to all our colleagues in the diverse and dynamic world of retail.” 


Jamie Malcom, Managing Director at the Retail Trust, added: “It was important for us to build on the Retail Trust founding principles that have been guiding us since 1832 so that we could capture that sense of the charity as a purpose-led organisation and create a more inclusive brand for the diverse and growing number of people that we now support. 


“The approach we have taken utilises key elements from the Retail Trust’s proud heritage and combines them with a fresh and modern approach to reflect today’s retail workforce.” 

The Retail Trust has come a long way since its humble origins in 1832 at the

London Coffee House. As recognised in our signature '1832 blend', created in partnership with our friends at Brad & Dills, and Caravan.

Retail Trust brand book


In parallel to creating a new branding for the Retail Trust, BAGGI worked with stakeholders across the charity and industry to develop a new set of beliefs and behaviours that embody the Trust’s strong cause and are reflected in all the great work the Trust does.

These will be the guiding force as the Retail Trust looks to build unique stories for its next chapter. Providing hope, health & happiness for everyone in retail.


The results are a testament to a lot of hard work and a great team

👉 £129.2m in social value, a +31% increase YOY
👉 £15.63 return on social investment for every £1 spent
👉 9,872 counselling sessions (47% increase)
👉 14,252 calls taken by wellbeing helpline (10% increase)
👉 3,695 retail colleagues trained at wellbeing and mental health courses (48% increase)
👉 An increase from 2% to 10% utilisation for the top 100 clients
👉 30%+ utilisation for the top 20 clients

And a DBA Design Effectiveness Award Winner! Download the case study here.

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