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A Nation of Shopkeepers is a new short film which shines a light on retail workers and the vital role the Retail Trust plays in supporting their mental health and wellbeing.


Shot and recorded across a number of locations in the UK, the film captures a day in the life of retail -  combining footage of retail colleagues in action with audio interviews expressing their passion for retail and the challenges they’ve faced over the past couple of years.



A Nation of Shopkeepers was created in response to research by the Retail Trust and WorkL that showed that retail employees’ mental wellbeing is among the lowest of any occupational group in the UK, accelerated by the pandemic. 

The film was devised by brand design consultancy BAGGI, in partnership with

production agency Jam Worldwide, and director Marcus Thomas at Blacklabfilms.

Mark Baxter, Founder of BAGGI said,

“Over the past couple of years during the pandemic, retail colleagues and frontline workers have done an incredible job in very difficult circumstances.

They need our help now, more than ever. But many simply don’t know where to turn to for support, or may even feel reluctant to do so.

“Our intention with the film is to shine a light on retail colleagues – to capture their personal stories and feelings but also celebrate UK retail’s unsung heroes. And in doing so, raise awareness of the Retail Trust’s role in providing health and wellbeing support.”

Chris Brook-Carter, Chief Executive of the Retail Trust adds, “The Retail Trust helped 200,000 people last year but there are millions of people in the UK who work in retail, many of whom continue to face ongoing uncertainty, stress and risk of burnout and still don’t know about the invaluable financial aid and mental health services that we provide. We desperately need more and more people, leaders and businesses to get behind the Retail Trust so that we can have a bigger impact in how retailers look after their people.”


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